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Online Counseling

We currently provide online counseling services via our secure HIPPA approved "VSee" site for the following Insurance Providers:

Care Source, Amerigroup, Peach State (No Co-Payment required) and Tricare (No Co-Payment required for active duty soldiers and their family members).


If you would like to take advantage of this service you will need to download the free

"VSee Messenger" app from the app store to your phone, tablet, or any other capable electronic device.


Once you have downloaded the app please follow these instructions:


*Open the app on your screen


* You may continue with Google or Login with another email account. 

   When using another email account you will enter your email in the "email" slot and a password in      the designated "password" slot.


You will then receive an email with a security code.  Check your email and enter the code in the indicated area.

* After doing so you will locate the small plus sign on the top of the "VSee" app. Click on this and then click "Add Contact".

* Type: in the area provided.

  We will get a notification and then accept you.  Once you are accepted you will be able to contact us
  for sessions by clicking on the "Chats" or "Calls"  (Video Call) icon on the top of  your screen.

*  Click on "Barry Chapman" to start your online session call.








If you are a New Client, 

We welcome you and are excited that you consider our online counseling services! 

To get you started, you may either download the necessary forms by clicking on the link on the bottom of this page or you may call our office and have them faxed or emailed to you. 

If you chose to fill out the forms at home, you will have to print them and once filled out you may email them to us. If you desire you may also take a picture of the completed forms and text them to 912-532-6767


You may certainly also visit our office for the initial processing and then continue your sessions online.


We continue to offer our in office visits by appointment only.  Please call our office to schedule your appointment!






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