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What People Say About Us.... 

Mr. Barry and his receptionist are so nice and welcoming. I went in for just a consolation and immediately felt comfortable and like I could open up. The office setting is nice, warm, and comfortable. I am excited about beginning my sessions here. I would definately recommend his office to any family and friend seeking counseling.

Excellent customer service and positive environment and the service Mr. Chapman provides for my are satisfying. I see a positive change in my daughter. Thank you Mr. Chapman. Keep up the good work

Mr. Chapman


became a part


of my family


when he began






 to a family


member. He


made himself


available even


outside of


business hours to


ensure our needs


were met. His




is beyond


reproach and my


family's success


is a testament.


His staff is very


courteous and


professional, a


reflection of his


dedication to


helping those in



Mr. Barry and his receptionist , are so very kind . They really care unlike some other counseling places . I give this company a 10 out 10 for being the best counseling service out there . Mr. Chapman has such a big and kind heart and you can just feel the love , and happiness as soon as you walk through the door .


Mr. Chapman is


amazing! His staff is


very caring and


VERY professional.


Mr. Barry has




me A LOT through


my journey. He is


very trustworthy. Mr.


Barry is the type of


counselor that will


push you to your full


potential and allow


your inner light to


shine. His


counseling skills are


the best of the best.


There is no other


counseling service I


would rather choose

than Barry S


Chapman and


Associates. I


HIGHLY recommend


my friends and


family to come and


let out anything that


may be affecting


you in your life, and


allow Barry S


Chapman and


Associates to be


your guide to



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